Business Development

Local Small Business Develop programs and activities allow Prince George's County to continue our commitment to our citizens by increasing economic opportunities for LSMBEs; thereby creating jobs and a viable tax base. Business development has been described as the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.
  1. Business Development Reserve

    The Supplier Development and Diversity Division (SDDD) is currently accepting applications to enter a lottery to fill 11 vacant positions in the Business Development Reserve Program (BDRP).

  2. County Based Business Certification

    If your businesses is located in Prince George's County OR the majority of your revenue is generated in the county, then please explore registering for this new certification. Additionally, by applying for this CBBV certification, your business will be potentially eligible for preferences in doing business with the County.

  3. Economic Development

    All programs and activities engaged by SDDD has the overall goal of creating a more sustainable and vibrant economic outlook for the County and its residents. By creating a climate that businesses want to thrive and be a part of, it increases the overall economic tax base and creates jobs for our residents.

  4. Education & Training

    The Supplier Development and Diversity Division prides itself on creating effective programs, services, and activities that better equip our Local, Small, Disadvantaged and Minority Businesses with the tools to build capacity, generate scale, increase revenue and create jobs, which assist with the economic sustainability of our County.