Adult Evaluation Review Services

​The Adult Evaluation Review Services (AERS) program evaluates the needs of elderly and chronically ill persons. AERS is staffed by County nurses and social workers and offers several services to Prince George's County residents, including:
  • ​​Comprehensive evaluation to identify services available to help the individual remain in the community or the least restrictive environment while functioning at the highest level of independence and personal well-being, and
  • Recommendations and resources.
​Evaluations are completed for persons seeking services from the Senior Care Program, Community Options Waiver, and Medical Assistance Personal Care Program, Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) and other individuals who may need community services. Services are provided at the client's residence, hospital or nursing home within Prince George's County.

Call the Adult Evaluation Review Services (AERS) Program at 301-856-4730 for more assistance.

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Adult Evaluation Nurse and Elderly Woman