1. Business Development

    Local Small Business Develop programs and activities allow Prince George's County to continue our commitment to our citizens by increasing economic opportunities for LSMBEs; thereby creating jobs and a viable tax base.

  2. Diversity & Inclusion

    The Supplier Development and Diversity Division, as a representative arm of the Prince George's County government, is committed to researching and recruiting the best LSMBEs to provide the products and services necessary for the successful operation of the County.

  1. Jobs First Act

    CB-17-2011 has been created to enhance the County's economic development by creating bid preference and participation requirements.

  2. Strategic Sourcing

    Prince George's County Code, Section 10A-136, requires the County Purchasing Agent to structure the procurement procedures and activities of the County to facilitate and encourage the award of at least thirty percent (30%) of the total dollar value of all County contracts awarded, directly or indirectly, to minority business enterprises.